I want to thank everyone for the love and support you have shown me over the years. Being able to share what I have learned over the past ten years as a person living with HIV is a privileged I do not take lightly. This blog and podcast is a labor of love designed to help people remove the shame, stigma, and silence of living with HIV.

The limited amount of time, money, and resources used to create, edit and distribute this blog and podcast is my investment toward a better tomorrow for the people living with HIV. Physical products such as the microphone, mixing console, and audio interface are fixed costs but as this project grows other costs will arise.

With that being said I ask you to please make an investment toward the future growth of this blog and podcast. Any and all gifts will be accepted as contributions toward general support. If you would like to designate support toward specific areas of interest paid advertising is available.*

Support from individuals, foundations, and corporations are crucial in ending the cyclical relationship between the feelings of shame, stigma, and silence and being diagnosed HIV positive.


* Potential conflict of interest and problems of listener misperception, confusion, or similar reason regarding the funder’s role and/or influence on programming will be considered in accepting or rejecting paid advertising.

Our Sponsors

I am proud to recognize generous donors like yourself who invest in helping those living with HIV overcome the shame, stigma, and silence associated with their diagnosis.

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Hero: $1,000 +

James Deets