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About Me

Society has some serious catching up to do with the reality of living with HIV today.

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Alexander Deets and I am here to help you overcome the obstacles you may be facing in the prevention, testing, or treatment of HIV. As a person living with HIV, I have spent the last 9 years exploring the barriers to care of HIV services and have started my formal educational journey into becoming a subject matter expert on the stigma, shame, and silence surrounding HIV care. No matter where you are on your HIV journey I am here to help you get the services you need to prevent, test for, and/or treat HIV. I do this because I was once where you are now.

When I was diagnosed with HIV I didn’t know what to do. I was expecting to get the results from a syphilis exposure test but received an HIV diagnosis instead. Upon getting my results I was immediately taken to the local county hospital’s HIV clinic where I spent hours trying to set up my HIV care. When I got home I shut down and didn’t leave my apartment for a week. I was lucky to have a caring team of caseworkers, nurses, counselors, and doctors who helped me overcome my challenges but I know that not everyone is so lucky. This is why I created this blog.

I am a firm believer that we are meant to thrive, not just survive. I want to give you the all resources that will allow you to reach new heights in life. I will use my education in substance abuse, mental health, and social work to create content that you can take action on today. So please bookmark this website and follow me on my other social media accounts. If you allow me to I hope to show you how to live with HIV by example. Together we can end the transmission of HIV and help those already living with the virus do so with dignity and support.


Your Future: Psy.D, LPC, LBSW, LCDC, RSPS