Be Careful How You Talk To Yourself

Over the past 10 years, I have spoken to myself in ways that I would never speak to another person. I have told myself that I am not good enough, that I am not worthy of, and that I don’t deserve the things that have come into my life. Yet somehow, people come to me and tell me that I helped them find a sense of self-worth.

Because I’m bipolar with depression, it’s hard to see how I could have helped. It’s easy for me to go to a negative space but challenging to get away from it. It’s been a struggle for as long as I can remember, but working with a psychologist and psychiatrist to better manage my disorders has helped tremendously. I believe you can personify these disorders as abusive exes that won’t let you leave.

Sometimes the worst place you can be in is your head.


I let you know all of this because it is my opinion that the way we talk to ourselves has a I let you know all of this because I believe that the way we talk to ourselves has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. I also think that the best way to work through our issues is to be open and honest about how we feel. I feel that you must allow yourself to feel every moment in life without fear. I think that we often put up facades to hide our emotions from the world to fit in.

I say this with confidence becasuse I am guilty of this behavior myself. Even as registered peer I say this with confidence because I am guilty of this behavior myself. As a registered peer support specialist, certified life coach, and certified health coach, I have convinced myself not to accept my own accomplishments. So it’s time for me to live by example and start using this knowledge to show the world that it’s okay to not be okay. Of course, this is a task that is easier said than done.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

John Green

So I will bare my soul, hoping to find some cathartic release. My goal is for this blog to help me and help others find ways to escape from their proverbial “abusive exes” or at least find ways to distance ourselves from “them.” I also hope that we can overcome issues that arise from gender roles and social norms. So here is to us growing and learning.

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