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My Story

In 2012 I received my HIV-positive diagnosis and had no idea what to do, where to turn, or who to ask about anything! My testing center pushed me through the local hospital system where I bounced from person to person as if I was in a human pinball machine. It took me five years to master the healthcare system before I became part of the healthcare system. It was my position on a research study as a peer coach that lead me to health and life coaching. As a peer coach, I was tasked to educate, motivate, and empower the disenfranchised so that they could live to their full potential. Today it is my mission to help you conquer your health and life goals! It’s time to stop holding yourself back in life and start living without limits. Invest in bettering the future you today.

Services Offered

Online Coaching

For those who are self-reliant but need a little help.

Hybrid Coaching

For those who are most comfortable in one's own home.

1-on-1 Coaching

For those who want dedicated structure, guidance, and focus.


"Kim has helped me achieve personal and business growth significantly in both arenas. I highly recommend working with her."
Olivia Smith
Coaching Client
"Kim helped me prioritize goals that can help me reach my potential. Her coaching services are well worth the time and investment."
John Williams
Coaching Client
"Kim's services as a business coach have been invaluable in helping me to understand how to better approach my work and personal life."
Liz James
Coaching Client
Let me help you realize your health and life goals!

Success Stories

Overcoming Fears

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Strengthened Communication

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Increased Self Confidence

Maecenas maximus vulputate

Career Advancements

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Achieving Goals

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Improving Time Management

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"Working with Kim has been the single most beneficial decision of my career. Her positive impact on my success in business cannot be overstated."
Sandra Johnson
Coaching Client


  • Skype coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great for young professionals
One on One
  • Phone coaching
  • In person coaching
  • Multiple sessions
  • Premium resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Mentorship program
  • Skype coaching
  • Phone coaching
  • In person coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops

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